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By: Hayley Shepard

Beargrass is one of the most important plants in the King Range Wilderness. Beargrass is most commonly used for basket weaving.  In order to harvest any plant in the King Range Wilderness, one must have a permit. A permit for picking beargrass is $20. Not many people get these permits; there are only about ten to twelve issued per year. The people collecting the beargrass are mainly locals who are not doing it for money, but for cultural reasons. Beargrass is indigenous to the King Range Wilderness. [1]

In the past, beargrass was used by Native Americans. Nowadays, beargrass has trouble growing in the King Range Wilderness because of the poor conditions. It is hard for the plant to grow because of all the brushes and the harvesting of the plant. [2]

Native American beargrass collection unit wants to expand the beargrass habitat. As of right now, beargrass does not have enough room or good quality growing conditions. This unit would get the Native Americans involved in the upkeep of the beargrass habitats and have a positive impact on the growth. There will even be an area for beargrass to grow that will be used exclusively by Native Americans. The public will not have access to this area, even with a beargrass harvesting permit. Local Tribes will work to raise awareness for the beargrass in this area. Visitors of the King Range Wilderness will know more about the beargrass before picking it. This effort will hopefully make the visitors more conscience of how they are harvesting the plant.  [3]






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